Sr. S&T | Certified

Learn about becoming a Senior or Certified Patroller and all the program you can particpate.

Mtn Travel & Rescue | Avalanche

Learn about Mtn Travel & Rescue and Avalanche. Enjoy camping in the winter.

Instructor Development | Mentoring

Learn To become an instructor in any of the four NSP disciplines and go through the mentoring program.

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Genesee Valley Region

Part of the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol

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located in upstate New York

NSP Mission and Vision

The National Ski Patrol is a member-driven professional organization of registered ski patrols striving to be recognized as the premier provider of training and education programs for emergency rescuers serving the outdoor recreation community. To meet that goal, and promote the safe enjoyment of snow sport enthusiasts, NSP supports its members through accredited education and training in leadership, outdoor emergency care, safety programs and transportation services.

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