Avalance News

By Dr. Robert L. Andre’

Good and bad news for AVY.  The good is that we currently have 21 signed up for our AVY 1-1 class on December 10.  The bad is that this may well be the last class we will be able to offer in the Region.

Below is a flyer for both MTR and AVY this season. If you plan on ever skiing out west, or in New England avalanche terrain, this course will expose you to avalanche mechanics, route selection, equipment, and rescue.  It is a fun course with both indoor and outdoor activities. It might peak your interest to learn more by attending the full Level I course and Level II, or to become and avalanche instructor.  It might also keep you or a friend -alive!

We currently have four avalanche instructors remaining in the Region. One is retired, one LOA, and the other two near retirement.  Recert requirements for instructors have become much more costly in time and expense to the point where none of us will be recerting again.  Development of new instructors is even more costly and virtually impossible for us to achieve. The National Avalanche committee and Advisor have basically eliminated the AVY program from all but pro Patrollers in the west. The vast majority of NSP members will now be without reasonable access to an avalanche program. It truly is unfortunate to lose what has been a valuable and rewarding  resource for our Region Patrollers.

Part II of the avalanche changes are the similar effects to our MTR II program and Senior Nordic-both taken away without a change in the requirements.

We are in contact with National regarding our program, but I am not hopeful that positive change will occur.

I believe I speak for all of our instructors when I say that we value the knowledge we gained from the courses we completed and taught over the years, and regret losing the opportunity to continue delivering instruction to our and other Region Patrollers.

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