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directorjohn-topping-200x200by John Topping, GVR Director

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving as we just finished the holiday weekend. The 2016 – 2017 Ski season is officially underway with the completion of all of the on-hill and region refreshers. Thanks to all of the instructors that worked so hard to remind us of all of the major and minor things we will all need on our tool belts as we serve the skiing public this winter. Special thanks to Steve Duncan and Bill Teamerson for their huge part in the region refreshers this year. Steve was the lone force in completing all of the course records and all other paperwork, which was no easy task this year considering the new IT system that seemed to fight him at every turn. Thanks also to the IOR’s Steve Sippel and Brian Ferguson for running another very successful Candidate class, along with Deb Whalen and Rick Micoli for being the Trainer Evaluators for the class. I feel our candidates receive the best training possible and it starts with this group.

The new IT system does continue to get the bugs worked out, but that doesn’t mean it is 100% bug free. It does mean that the work the Patrol Directors put in to register you this year was above and beyond the normal. In some cases it took multiple emails and tries to make sure you all had the correct status. We are hoping this was the worst of it and next year, it will be easier than ever.
I reminded everyone at the region refreshers to vote in the National Elections. I really hope that you take the time if you haven’t already. It is a right and a privilege and something that will affect something I think you all love to do. Please don’t wait; the voting period is nearly over. Thank you for your consideration.

The Region elections were held during the refreshers and Mike Mooney and I were voted back in to lead the Region for the next 2 years. We will sure try to do our best to represent you all, thanks for your confidence in us. Thanks also to Bob Andre who was the election committee chair this year.

The Region Staff remains nearly the same as last year, with a couple of exceptions. Brian Ferguson is going to be the Region Secretary taking over from Bill Gottermeier, helping out at the Staff meetings, Bob Andre is taking over for Dick Harding as the Avalanche Advisor and Bonnie Andre is our new Alumni Advisor taking over for Nick Schiavetti. Thanks to Bill, Dick and Nick for their service! Please let any of us know if we can be of service to you or if you have a program request.

I hope you all have a safe ski season and we have the snow to enjoy it.


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