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pine-treemark-tormatore-200x200jpgby Mark Tornatore, Hunt Hollow Patrol Director
January 7, 2016

Well thank goodness we can FINALLY say, “Welcome to Winter!” I don’t mind saying that we have had one of our members performing regular Snow Dances, thanks Marcia! Winter’s arrival has been a long strange trip, indeed!

Hunt Hollow has purchased new compressors to facilitate better, as well as, earlier and later season snowmaking capacity!

This year we have welcomed 4 new patrollers to our ranks. We are training 4 additional in S & T that are already EMM certified, and hope to add 3 new candidates to the S & T class, as well.

Many on our patrol have spent a good deal of time this autumn clearing brush and debris from “The Gauntlet”, our steepest all-glade trail. Come ski it if you’re up to the challenge! And, assuming we get a bit of natural!

Regards to all and We’ll see you on the slopes!

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