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emergencysteve-duncanby Steve Duncan
January 11, 2016

Another season of OEC classes and refreshers are behind us. Thank you to all of the IT’s and OEC Instructors who made this a huge success.

This was the first year for GVR and the Hybrid Refresher. It was a lot of tracking but GVR was 100% compliant. As I found out, planning the refreshers for the entire region is a huge undertaking. A huge thank you to Bill Teamerson who did the bulk of the work. I would also like to thank Bob Andre and Deb Whalen who acted as IT’s for make up refreshers.

The Region OEC class graduated twelve new OEC Technicians and Swain recently graduated six. This was accomplished by a total dedication of our IT and OEC Instructor staff. The time commitment is huge but so is the reward. A special thank you to Region IOR’s Steve Sippel and Brian Ferguson as well as IT’s Rick Micoli and Deb Whalen and for Swain, IOR Eric Washburn and IT Holger Stave. The OEC classes are a huge undertaking both in time and patience. Due to the new requirements sent down by National, both courses were a logistical nightmare to administer the final practical exam. The region course required forty-six evaluators, advocates, helpers, patients, and moulage experts. The Swain course required twenty-eight. Thank you to all who stepped up to help. Without you these courses would not have been successful. I am hopeful this process will change next season.

We are always looking for new OEC Instructors so if you are interested please let me know.

Enjoy the snow!!

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