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awardsrick-micoli-200x200by Rick Micoli
May 15, 2016

Hall of Fame: Jerry Sherman (Hunt Hollow and Bristol)

National appointments: Thomas Jenssen from Bristol #11748 and Stephen Duncan from Bristol #11796.

DSA: Richard Stearns, Tim Cassidy, James Hopkins, from Swain; Gordon Benoit and Richard Hitchcock from Hunt Hollow; Rachel Miller and Linda Breen from Bristol.

YMS: Eric Washburn from Swain

ED Memorial Scholarship: Dave Ermer from Swain


Swain: Andrea Marino, Janet Snyder, Keith Miller, Greg Whitney, Jennifer Conine, Mike Wangler, Dennis Turner, Peter Feltner

Bristol: Bruce Hogarth, Elaine Pratt, David Curry, Brian Ferguson, Val Sorrells, Gary Marks, Dave Iacovino, Dan Shappee, Mike Stamp

50 year pins: Harry Stoneham, Herb Lehman, James Ebmeyer (Swain),  Jim Boring (Bristol), Skip Millor (Nordic& Hunt Hollow), Bob Smith (Bristol)

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