GVR’s Directors News 2018

by John Topping, GVR Director

Things that need to get done to get ready for this season – OEC IT’s meet to discuss the upcoming refresher content: Check, Initiate Region elections (assign committee and chair): Check, Division Fall Officers meeting: Check, Set Region Staff for 2018 – 2019 season: Ch

eck, Set up Region Staff meetings: Check, Instructors and Candidates sign up for candidate class: Check, Inform region patrollers about region and National Ski Patrol elections: Check,  Instructor refreshers with focus on new SMR protocol: Check, Register and pay dues with NSP for the 2018-2019 ski season: Check, Make sure all Patrol Directors are informed about their Patrollers and their status: Check, Promote Region and Division programs: Check, Recognize all award recipients: Check, On Hill and Region, Refreshers: CHECK!!  Candidate Final Evaluation: Check, Wait for SNOW!  CHECK

I’m sure this list is in no way complete but making sure everything does get done and on time, are the passionate Region Staff, Instructors, IT’s, TE’s and other volunteers, we are fortunate to have in Genesee Valley. You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village”, that is exactly how all of this got done. We are always looking for additional patrollers to get involved, so if you want to engage in the process, let someone know and make it happen.

The Region Staff for this year are: Marcia Mundrick – Instructor Development, Jeff Welch –  Senior OET, Steve Duncan – OEC Advisor, Bill Teamerson – Senior OEC, Joe Menichino – Certified, Mike Wangler – Treasurer, Steve Sipple – Secretary, Marie Osypian – Webmaster, Bob Andre – Avalanche, Bonnie Andre – Alumni, Dr Kate Ackerman – Medical Advisor, Patrick Seava – MTR, Kris Vasiliauskas – Awards, Eric Washburn – Young Adult Patrollers, Henry Williams – Legal Advisor, David Curry – Telecommunicatons, Pam Welch – Women’s Programs, Deb Whalen – Nordic Advisor, Steve Shelly – Evac Advisor.  Mike Mooney and Rick Micoli are the Assistant Region Directors. If you have questions regarding one of the programs, please reach out to the advisor in charge or any of us, all our contact information is on the website.

I’m sure you are aware or guessed that Jeff Welch is the RD Elect for the Region. Jeff’s term begins in the spring and I ask that you support him as you have me. It was my pleasure to serve the Region for the past 4 years, work with our great advisors and see firsthand the great group of patrollers we have. Have a great and safe ski season!

John Topping GV RD