Senior EMM Program News  

OEC Leadership Enhancement Seminar    –     January 23 Location TBD

This session is open to all Patrollers that are interested in improving their OEC Leadership skills focusing on:

– Managing multiple patients
– Managing Resources
– Managing Bystanders
– Managing Time
– Mountain management interaction and responsibilities
– Risk and Safety concerns
– Conflict Resolution
– The 3 hour program will include a short group discussion and then hands on practical scenarios that tie in key leadership points
– Required for Senior EMM candidates
– Taught by Senior EMM staff and various key leaders in our Region
–  Tuesday evening January 23 from 6 to 9 pm- Location TBD (Bristol or Hunt most likely)
–  Register on the NSP web site.  The course number is; E271180003

Contact Bill Teamerson or Joe Menichino for information and to register.  Class size will be limited.