To become an instructor in any of the four NSP disciplines (Outdoor Emergency Care, Ski and Toboggan, Mountain Travel and Rescue, or Avalanche) you need to complete the Instructor Development Course, go through the mentoring process with an experienced instructor, and be evaluated by an Instructor Trainer.

The information on this page is intended to help you get started on the path to becoming an instructor in any of these four disciplines

Outdoor Emeregency Care

S&T class picture

Ski & Toboggan

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Mountain Travel & Rescue

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Aavalancje class picture

For more Information about Genesee Valley Region Instructor Development activities contact our Program Administrator:

Region Instructor Development Instructors

Name Patrol
Mike Mooney Swain
Glenn Gebhard Swain & GV Nordic
Pam Welch  –      Program Administrator   Bristol

Instructor Development Pictures

2023 Instructor Development Class (below)


Instructor Development Materials to download
Instructor of Record Checklist
Instructor Application Form
Instructor Activity Report
Course Registration Form
Course Evaluation Form
Course Completion Form

Instructor Development Course Content
Mentor Checklist
Mentoring Presentation (ppt)
GVR Instructor Requirements
NSP Instructor Requirements


2023 Class