Senior Ski and Toboggan


For more information on Genesee Valley Region Ski & Toboggan activities contact our S&T Advisor:

538 Wintergreen Grove
Victor, NY 14564


2020 schedule


Senior S&T Photo Gallery 2014-2015 Season


For complete information on the Senior Patroller Program, see the following page on the Eastern Division web site. Watch the Calendar Page for updates on S&T events throughout the season.

Senior S&T Component Registration Form in PDF format.

Senior S&T Program FAQ’s

  • What is expected of me if I sign up?The commitment is 2 days / week beginning in early January through February – approx 8 weeks. Although the schedule is not complete, in the past we have met Thursday nights 6:30-9 and either Saturday or Sunday morning from 9-12.
  • What do the classes consist of?The S&T Trainer Evaluators (TEs) work with everyone on patroller skills, skiing skills, and sled handling. We don’t make you better skiers and sled handlers – YOU do!
  • Sleds in Bumps – is that all we do?It’s definitely the most fun! Working sleds through moguls is challenging, both physically and hysically. Learning to finesse a sled down a bump run will enhance your sled handling skills and confidence on all terrain. However, we work just as hard on Skiing Skills – Short, Medium, Long Radius turns – as well as Patroller Skills – Sideslip, Wedge, and Transitions.
  • When can I sign up?You can take SR S&T at any point during your progression toward your Senior certification or, if you aren’t working toward becoming a Senior patroller and would just like to work on your skiing and sled skills – come on along!
  • Is there a cost for the course?Yes there is, but it’s rather nominal. A $50 course registration fee is due with your registration form. Add in the 14-16 classes across the region at different mountains (your pass is comp’d for each class) and that course fee is a great bargain!
  • What if I have other questions not answered here?Please feel free to contact me, Tim, your Genesee Valley Region S&T Advisor anytime.