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awardsrick-micoli-200x200by Rick Micoli
November 16, 2017

Genesee Valley Region
Awards for the 2017 Ski Season

Our region garnered many prestigious awards this past season at the Annual Spring Officer’s meeting in Albany. First and foremost is that John Lawson from Hunt Hollow and Marcia Mundrick from Nordic and an alumna of Hunt Hollow were inducted into the NSP Hall of Fame to join Jerry Sherman from last season’s class. This is a very special honor with only 28 patrollers being recognized for their lasting effect on NSP. Congratulations to these 2 outstanding people.

Three more of our colleagues were honored as Eastern Division’s Outstanding awardees.

  • Carina Hastings from Bristol Mountain was named as the Outstanding Young Adult Patroller. When her award was moved up to National, she was a second runner up in the nation earning her a Yellow Merit Star.
  • Scott Wild from Hunt Hollow was named the Outstanding Instructor and when moved up to National he was also a second runner up earning him a Yellow Merit Star.
  • Chuck Crockett from GVR Nordic was named Outstanding Nordic Patroller and was runner up in National with a Silve Merit Star.

Through the year, we have recognized 5 patrollers for Distinguished service, they are:

Al Efron, Swain; Marilyn Nickerson, Hunt Hollow; Carl Schmidtman, Swain; Bill Gottermeier, Pam Thompsom, and Kris Vasiliauskas all from Bristol.

Mike Lord was given a MSA, Meritorious Service Award, for his years as the Assistant Division OEC Supervisor.

We have many Merit Stars to announce:

Purple MS    Gary Marks from Bristol

Blue MS       Shelley Fiumano Bristol
Martha McIntyre Bristol
Rick Micoli   Bristol

Yellow MS    Steve Sipple Bristol
Brian Ferguson Bristol
Marie Osypian Swain
Steve Duncan Bristol
Fred Shelley  Bristol

EDPAA: Swain
Malorie Osypian
Pat Saeva
Jeremie Stearns
Eric Washburn

50 Year National Lifetime Service award

Jim Boring  Bristol

This Year’s Outstanding awards for GVR are:

YAP….Madison Duncan from Bristol (Outstanding Young Adult Patroller)

Lehman….Mike Mooney from Swain (Outstanding Instructor)

Mundrick …Bill Teamerson from Bristol (Outstanding OEC Instructor)

Stevens…Pam Welch from Bristol (Outstanding Patroller)

Doyle…Sue Haefner from Hunt Hollow (DSA from Region)

Williams…Pat Fluharty from Nordic

Jeff Baker from Bristol

Gordy Benoit from Hunt Hollow

The Williams Award is given to patrollers that do volunteer work outside and in addition to NSP. Pat was recognized for his long time involvement with the Boy Scouts, most recently on the Board of Seneca Waterways Council

Jeff has for the past 7 years with Angel Flight, a Boston based non- profit providing air transportation for critical, life-saving medical purposes. Jeff uses his personal airplane to transport surgical teams from Strong to a newly deceased donor to harvest organs; transports organs to hospital for awaiting patient; transports the patient, who does not have the resources,  to receive specialized care out of area.

Gordie has been long involved with Habitat for Humanity as a Hammer and Saw volunteer, recording upwards of 11,000 hours of time helping to build homes for the less fortunate .