Sr OEC News

fx-leggby Bill Teamerson
December 1, 2017


As we head into the skiing season, I would like to remind you about the OEC Module for the Senior Patroller.

We meet twice a week in January and February to sharpen our OEC skills, practice more difficult situations and problems, and in general have a good time while doing it.

This years class has already started to form and we have (3) excellent patrollers already committed. We can comfortably accommodate 12, so there is still plenty of space.  With the people already committed, we are sure to have some fun and challenging situations.

The class will be in a similar format to the OEC hands on sessions and final that just finished, but the problems will be more difficult with multiple patients, multiple injuries and more complex extrications.

To Register, you must go to the NSP website and register for (2) courses; the hands on portion E271180001

and the Final E271180002. 

If you feel that you do not have the time to commit to the entire program, please feel free to join any of the training days to get a feel for the program.  One of the best ways to get a feel is to volunteer to be a patient on the day of the final.  You will see the program first hand, get a nice meal and enjoy beverages and camaraderie.

In addition to the Sr. OEC program, we are going to have an OEC enhancement clinic on January 22nd at Powdermill. We will be focusing on problem management as it relates to ski patrol (Think multiple patients, difficult patients, Mountain Management issues and etc.).  If you are interested in joining this, please register at the National Website.  The course number is; E271180003

If you have questions or are interested in joining, please contact me at: [email protected] or (585) 455-7000.

Thank you and think snow!


Here is the tentative schedule:

Day Date Time Location Focus

Upper extremities

Sun 1/7 12:30-3:30 Hunt Hollow EMM Scenarios
Mon 1/8 6-9 Powder mill EMM Scenarios based on OEC Skills

Lower extremities Hips/Pelvis

Sun 1/14 12:30-4:00 Hunt Hollow EMM Scenarios
Wed 1/17 6-9 Powder mill EMM Scenarios based on OEC Skills


Sun 1/21 12:30-4:00 Hunt Hollow EMM Scenarios
Mon 1/22 6-9 Powder mill OEC  Enhancement Clinic

OEC Management for the Patroller

Sun 1/28 12:30-4:00 Bristol (?) EMM Scenarios

Mid Term Session

Wed 2/2 6-9 Powder mill EMM Scenarios based on OEC Skills


Sun 2/4 12:30-4:00 Hunt Hollow EMM Scenarios
Mon 2/5 6-9 Powder mill EMM Scenarios based on OEC Skills

– Review

Sat 2/10 8-4 Hunt Hollow (?) FINAL