We are living through unusual times.  This may have you thinking about the need to change your ties to patrolling.  Important in your decision is to keep your options open so that returning to more active patrolling is easily accomplished in the future.

There are a number of reasons for a change of commitment depending upon individual circumstances: such as College student absence, Military Duty, job / family changes

Options to consider:

  • Leave of Absence
  • Patrollers “Temporarily Not Patrolling”
  • Alumni status with option to return to full time patrolling

In all of these cases and options, doing a refresher each season makes return to patrolling easier.  It is possible to miss and make up a refreshers without retaking an OEC course or doing a challenge.  In each situation, consult with your Patrol Director/Patrol Representative or your Region Alumni Advisor before making a final decision.

Alumni members utilize their experience, knowledge and energies to support Patrol, Region or Division. It is much more than Patrollers who just retire.

This classification allows any member, with at least one season of active patrolling membership, to maintain their relationship with NSP. This is accomplished at less cost and without loss of service time. You will not be required to fulfill any refresher requirements.  If you want to, you can maintain OEC technician and/or discipline instructor certifications, i.e., if OEC refreshers are attended, you do not lose your OEC technician credentials. Additionally, you can continue teaching any area you maintain instructor status, for example, OEC, Avalanche, MTR, Instructor Development and OET (Toboggan instruction only) 

Stay Involved
Although you are no longer an Active Patroller, you are encouraged to stay involved in any of the many opportunities available on a Patrol, Region, Division and National level.  Work together with the Officers at these levels to determine how best you can help.

You may purchase all catalog items. You are eligible for the Subaru promotion and most pro deals.

However, you may not purchase or wear Active NSP uniforms or duty identification.
You will receive:

  • Ski Patrol Magazine, NSP winter and summer catalogs
  • Eastern Division Trail Sweep, Region Newsletter, Region Alumni Coordinator Letter
  • GVR Alumni news and events

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