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rick-micoli-200x200by Rick Micoli
December 18, 2015

Genesee Valley is proud to announce our newest NA to:

Mary Emminghausen (#11668) Swain

Pam Welch (#11666) Bristol

Other NSP awards recognized were:
Tom Jenssen Bristol MSA
Alan Hickok  Hunt Hollow DSA
Myron Crispino  Swain  DSA
Maggie Gerlach  Swain  DSA
Jim Fuerstein  Swain  DSA
Andrea Marino  Swain  DSA
Hunt Hollow.  Joe Hoff
Brantling.    Brian Mayou, Cindy Showman
Bristol.        Steve Duncan, Tim Eygabroad,       Janet Remizowski, Jami Rushford
Nordic.        Jeff Talon, Gerri Cherubim, Tom Adler
Swain.         Glenn Gebhard, Lori Kloesz, Paul Weitz, Dave Silker, Bruce Johnson, Margaret Gerlach, Doug Hollinger, William Tobin, Gary Spahr, Cathy Rague, Micah Eldridge, Ned Storm, Jim Fuerstein, Tim Pellman.
William T. Gross Memorial First Aid Trophy awarded to Bristol Mountain's
Friday Day Crew comprised of Hill Chief Bill Teamerson, Jerry Sherman, Martha McIntyre,Fred Shelley, Emily Wood-Robbins, Jami Rushford, Kerry Meyer and Rick Micoli.

That's all for this season. Thanks

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