MTR News

mtn-travelpatrick-jt-200x200by Patrick Saeva
December 21, 2015

With a successful MTR 1 year behind us, I can’t help but get excited about the year ahead.  MTR 2 will bring us to the Adirondacks again to hopefully cross a frozen Cranberry Lake to get to our campsite.  We will expand the knowledge gained in MTR 1, whether it be from last year’s class or twenty some years ago.  While the registration deadline has passed, please feel free to contact me if you are interested as I will consider applicants up to the middle of January.

I don’t often do this, so I want to take the time now to thank the MTR instructors who make this class so engaging.  I also want to thank the instructors in training who are going through the mentoring process now.  You have all brought so much knowledge and energy to the course and have helped so much over the years.

MTR Instructors

Skip Millor
Deb Whalen
Jim Hopkins
Peter Falise
Bob Andre
Chris Babcock
Tom Jenssen
Marcia Mundrick
Nick Schiavetti
John Topping

In Training
Malorie Osypian
Pat Fluharty
Rick Brown
Mike Tallon

I am sure you, like me, are praying for snow and I hope to see you on the hill soon.