Alumni News


by Nick Schiavetti, GVR Alumni Advisor
December 21, 2015

The region alumni program has two basic purposes: 1) to acknowledge the previous contributions of alumni in the region and 2) to encourage continued participation of alumni in the region activities.

The February 2015 alumni day last season addressed both of these purposes as a great event at which we recognized our alumni for their prior service and re-engaged them with region patrollers and activities.  We had great weather for skiing on a sunny and cold day and 63 people attended the event, including 47 alumni and 16 guests. We hope to repeat that very enjoyable day of reunion and camaraderie among current and retired patrollers at the 2016 Alumni Day.

So mark your calendars for Friday February 26, 2016 at Hunt Hollow Ski Club for this season’s alumni day.  As usual, no one will go home hungry!  The Hunt Hollow caterer will provide a bounteous buffet lunch and our usual group of generous patrollers, guests, and alumnae will be baking a table full of scrumptious desserts again.  Alumni members will enjoy complimentary ski lift tickets and lunch and provisions will be made for guests to purchase both the lunch and the lift tickets at reasonable prices.

We were successful in recruiting new alumni members in the region again this year, despite the difficulties encountered with the new on-line registration system.  We hope that the new re-registration procedure this year will keep our alumni membership numbers and budget from faltering in the future.

The alumni program is alive and well in Genesee Valley Region and we hope to encourage more active patrollers to join us as guests on Alumni Day to welcome back those pioneers who trained the current cadre that is patrolling the slopes and trails of the Genesee Valley.