GRV Director’s News

john-topping-200x200by John Topping, Region Director
December 26, 2015

If this warm weather trend continues, we may have to rename this publication “Green Views”. Sadly the snow making (natural and man-made) temperatures don’t look like they are going to be here for a while, but when they do, I know we will be ready. By now all of the refreshers are complete and the candidate classes are done. I can’t begin to thank enough, the efforts of all of the instructors who gave their time to make all of the classes and refreshers happen. Without all of you, we would be unable to be as efficient as we are by getting everyone through the process.

The Candidate classes brought 15 new patrollers into the system and gave them the tools to be able to perform high quality first aid if needed. Congratulations to all of you, it was great to see you and share your success.

The National elections were completed about a week ago. Unfortunately our voting percentages as a Region and a Division were low, so the Central Division with their all out campaign was successful in getting 3 of their candidates elected. I understand that for too many, the National election isn’t on the radar, but maybe it should be. Fortunately, Ed McNamara was re-elected and he was critical in my opinion for a successful board of directors and to move the NSP forward in a positive way.

As the season proceeds, be sure to take advantage of the many programs that are offered. (Senior OEC, Senior ST, MTR II, Instructor Development, just to name a few). These programs are for your benefit and enjoyment, don’t wait until next year if you can make it happen this year.

I am writing this on Christmas day, to all of you who celebrate this day, Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to all.