Swain News

swainby Tom Wallin, APD
December 29, 2015

We, like the rest of the Region, are impatiently waiting for Mother Nature and the Snow Gods to bless us with seasonable temperatures, and lots of snow fall. We are set to go with all of our refreshers out of the way. Our current Southern Tier candidate class takes their OEC test this Sunday and will be on their way to start S&T when we get snow on the ground.

Some of the awards given out at the Fall refresher included: The Dave Hanning Service Award to Bill Tobin, The Herb Lehman OEC Local Instructor of the year went to Cathy Rague, a Yellow Merit Star to Andrea Marino, Distinguished Service Awards went to Dick Harding and Paul Weitz, EDPPA’s went to Glen Gebhard, Lori Kloesz, Micah Eldridge, Ned Storm, and Tim Pellman, and Region Instructor of the Year went to Pat Saeva.

Recently there was a life celebration for Bina Robinson. Bina and her husband Dave were the original founders of Swain. Bina recently passed away, and many people from the Swain family, Patrollers, Ski School, local Swainies and beyond came together to celebrate the amazing life of a remarkable lady.

We would also like to congratulate Hannah Washburn, Craig Williams, Stephen Walker, Caleb Rogers, Abigail Ling, and Eric Byington for successfully passing their OEC final practical, and moving on to S&T…when we get snow.