Senior S&T News

chair-liftby Tom Wallin
December 29, 2015

Pray for snow. Our program is ready to go. The T/E staff will be meeting shortly to go over updates from the Division Staff meeting last weekend at Killington. For those who may not have thought about joining Senior S&T, here are a couple things about the program. We go out and play in the snow. We go out and ski. We go out and run sleds. We play in bumps. We look for ways to improve and tweak your skiing and sled handling. We have fun. If you think that you might be interested, please let me know, and I will answer any questions that I can. The schedule is posted on the Region website.   Assuming winter is here to stay, we will optimistically hold the schedule as is. Any changes will be made to the Region calendar as soon as they are made. So bring a friend from your patrol and join us. You’ll learn a few things along the way, and have fun doing it.